Young Girl Falls 30 Feet Into A Hollow Tree, Mother Notices Something Different About Her Stomach

Sometimes things happen in life that can only be explained as being a miracle. There’s nothing more to it. Annabel and her sisters were outside one day climbing a tree when suddenly an unexpected disaster happened. Annabel fell 30 feet inside the massive hollow tree. The tree was so hollow that her sister, mother and father couldn’t even tell if the little girl was alive or not.

Then, suddenly, they saw her tiny arm go up then down. They knew that she was breathing and alive. Her father, Kevin told “I wanted more than anything to reach down and grab the little girl and bring her into my arms and it was physically impossible”. None of the family members could reach for Annabel, so they called for firefighters to come and get her out of there as soon as they could.

For about four hours, firefighters tried to get her out. They couldn’t cut pieces off of the rotten tree because the entire tree would have caved in on Annabel. Eventually, the created a harness and thankfully Annabel was free.

Once they got Annabel out of there, they noticed something strange. Annabel was completely okay. She had zero broken bones, no paralysis and absolutely no damage. Annabel went to doctors and there was no explanation.

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